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Introduction to Energy

8th Jan, 2018

Sure, we all have a low energy level occasionally. A sleepless night, a stressful day at the office might make you feel drained, but when you're constantly feeling this way, it is probably time to investigate what is draining your energy. If you're getting proper sleep, but are still feeling drained during the day, check out this list and see how many apply to you.


Sugar provides quick energy, but after picking you up, it drops you hard and leaves you looking for more.

Make sure you always have a healthy snack on hand so that you don't head to a vending machine in desperation. Make sure your snacks contain at least 1 to 2 ounces of protein to keep your blood sugar stable for several hours, combined with a complex carbohydrate to give you a quick boost of energy. Here are a few excellent choices:

  • Water-packed tuna or chicken, or cheese with whole grain crackers
  • Half of a lean turkey or chicken sandwich
  • Fresh fruit or raisins
  • Plain, nonfat yogurt blended with fruit or all-fruit jam


If you need sleep and you choose caffeine instead, then you just throw off our natural sleep cycle even more and this leads to feeling energy drained during the day. Caffeine is readily available these days from coffee, tea, cola, or even chocolate. Try to avoid an excessive intake of caffeine by cutting down on these things, or perhaps a switch to decaffeinated varieties.


It seems odd that exercise can sap your energy, but there are two ways in which it does. Overdoing it, and underdoing it. Exercise energizes us physically, mentally, and emotionally and without it you just won't have as much energy and you'll feel drained. Exercise also enhances our mood by increasing the release of endorphins and, in turn, increases energy levels. On the other hand, too much exercise also presents a problem. Overtraining depletes our energy reserves, breaks down muscle, and eventually makes us weaker, not stronger. If you're feeling drained, you may want to look at the amount of physical exercise in your life.


It's just a fact that most people don't drink enough water. We need water to flush out toxins, keep our tissues hydrated, keep our energy up. Water is the perfect no-calorie beverage, and you can dress it up by adding citrus slices or a sprig of mint.


A bad attitude will drain your energy and the energy of everyone around you. Changing your attitude for the better can increase your energy level, feelings, responses, outlook, and perspectives. Also, spending much of your time pleasing others and trying to fit in can be a big energy zapper. It takes a lot of energy to wear a mask so that others will like you. It is exhausting and leaves you feeling powerless. Since our perceptions and actions are some of the only things we really have direct control over, having a good attitude one simple choice can transform your life.

Clutter and Disorganization

Having too much clutter in your home and at work can make you feel lethargic and pessimistic. Constantly looking for things is a huge physical drain. Trying to remember where things are is a big mental drain. Taking the time to be more organized and de-cluttered will make you feel more energetic and alive.


Cutting back on calories helps you lose weight, but not eating enough can leave you feeling drained. If you maintain a diet that severely restricts calories for long periods of time, your body will have the tendency to go into "starvation mode." Your metabolism will slow down and your energy level will be low. If you wait too long between meals, this can also cause a decrease in energy level. You can increase your metabolism by eating healthy, balanced foods at regular intervals during the day.


Conflict and stress can quickly deplete your energy resources. Some good ways to cope with anxiety and stress are to meditate, take a walk, or breathe deeply and slowly. It's also a good idea to keep a journal by your bed so you can write down the issues that have been stressing you out during the day. When you put your thoughts onto paper, you're giving your brain the approval to let them go and stop worrying about them for the night."

When you have to spend much time doing things you don't really want to do, in can really drain your energy. Your personal energy inventory is a reality check on where your energy is being distributed. Don't ignore responsibilities and let problems get out of hand, and don't turn a blind eye to why things are the way they are. Instead, raise your awareness about where all your energy is going and how to get it flowing back into your life. Say no to things that you don't want to do that really don't need to be done or are not your responsibility.

The following suggestions may help bring balance and energy:

  • Read a good book
  • Express gratitude
  • kids
  • Spend quality time with
  • Get a massage
  • Prayer
  • Spend quality time with friends
  • Focus on the positive
  • Have a date night
  • Celebrate life

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